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Operational Activities

  • Design, implement and assess policy and educational interventions which help improve the education and healthcare opportunities of underrepresented community, especially the homeless and youth in the community;
  • Conduct research that advances understanding of public health and health behaviors and examines how the organization and financing of care affect costs, quality, and access;
    Advocate and disseminate information about a methodology for the interpretation and application of clinical literature rather than conducting clinical, laboratory, applied, or similar research itself;
  • Foster and encourage high-quality evidence-based research and practices which provide a paradigm for medical practice that deemphasizes intuition, unsystematic clinical experience, and pathophysiologic rationale as sufficient grounds for clinical decision-making, and stresses the examination of evidence from clinical research in health, nursing, pharmaceutical and scientific fields;
  • Educate, instruct and train the communities in order to improve and/or develop their capabilities in understanding, among other things, health education, science, and research;
    Provide policy proposals and best practices for application to policymakers based empirical research on homelessness and related issues;
  • Design and develop research surveys, questionnaires, evaluation tools, sampling strategies, experimental and quasi-experimental study methodologies, and project budgets;
    Advance the knowledge of research methods, including research design such as the design and conduct of experimental and quasi-experimental studies; data integrity issues, and evaluation of programs related to education and health sciences;
  • Collect, compile and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and prepare and present reports effectively, and effectively communicate findings through high-quality presentations and written reports to both technical and non-technical audience;
  • Collaborate with AUHS, other universities, external governmental agencies, research organizations, clients, subcontractors, school districts, hospitals, clinical and labs in the community to develop and implement research projects on the homeless and related issues;
  • Develop and submit materials to granting agencies and foundations; and
    Provide research training to AUHS undergraduate and graduate students working on research projects.