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There are many dreams held both by the well off and those in need.  It is the appearance of an absence of possibility is which causes the soul to bleed.  Women Inspired for Self Help (WISH) and Men Aspiring to Self Help (MASH) are programs for the less fortunate, the poor and needy which serve as a vehicle and sound board to help those who would to get up and try until they succeed.  WISH serves the needs of homeless women to remind them of their value.  To preclude them any continuance of marginalization and abuse so that they chart their own course and destiny by realizing God has created them to achieve and not be afraid of their success.  MASH encourages homeless men to mash and smash all past internal obstacles that stop them from being responsible and productive again.  The program teaches them to value their own existence as granted by God and helping to appreciate women who stand beside them as equal partners in success.