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Acts of Love

American University of Health Sciences Foundation (AUHS Foundation), a foundation dedicated to improving health care access and supporting families in need through community outreach, sponsors quarterly “Acts of Love” Grocery Give-Away on the American University of Health Sciences (AUHS) campus located at 1600 E. Hill Street in the city Signal Hill.  AUHS Nursing and Pharmacy students along with faculty mentors and staff, volunteer their time to provide free health screenings, brown bag sessions and flu vaccinations during the Fall grocery distribution.

“Acts of Love” was developed as a way for the AUHS students and staff to give back to the community and is designed for low-income families and the homeless. Pastor Gregory Johnson, Co-Founder of AUHS and AUHS Foundation, states, “We receive so much from God and have seen so many wonderful things these past 18 years as we have grown. To do this and more can never reach the scale of the generosity He renders to us each day.” Pastor Johnson went on to explain that volunteering for soup kitchens and offering shelter and basic necessities for the homeless and needy are usually reserved for the holidays. But today so many families are in dire need.  At AUHS Foundation, the passion for assisting those in need is neither seasonal nor temporary. It is something to which we are committed to providing regularly. That is why, through our Acts of Love program, we continually distribute fresh healthy groceries to needy families in our community all-year round. Since Acts of Love was launched in 2010, we have seen the program grow from 150 to 600 boxes of food, which is enough to feed a family for a week.

AUHS Foundation partners with local LBUSD schools and other social services agencies to identify families in need.  These families are given vouchers that can be redeemed at AUHS Foundation event dates.